quick facts



After finishing three years of upper secondary technical school in Malmö, I began studying Electrical Engineering at the Lund Institude of Technology. In those days of the the dot-com bubble anyone who could spell In-tur-net was recuited on the spot so I didn't quite get around to finishing my exam. I am still waiting for the right opportunity to write my final paper, but to be honest it may take a while to get around to it...

Instead I focused on my other great interest: languages. This hade the side benefit of being compatible with working full time. I studied some rhetoric, and some Danish, and finally I finished a bachelor’s degree in English. Not bad for an electrical engineering major, you might think... My final paper was entitled Spoken Language Features in Internet Discussion Groups.

While studying I was also involved in the student union: among other things I was a member of the electrical engineering student organization's board. I also had a big hand in introducing and maintaining a web site for the electrical engineering student organization way back when the Internet was new and exciting. I was also a member of the Lund comittee of IAESTE, receiving foreign students coming to Lund for trainee programs.



I am currently employed as a system administrator at Axis Communications AB (AXIS), the world’s leading expert in network video. It's an exciting place to work - fairly small, growing rapidly, with a global outlook yet with strong roots in my home town Lund where it was founded. The sun never sets on Axis!

In an earlier life I worked at TDC Song, Song Networks or Arrowhead depending on when you asked. Different names but still the same company. There I did a little broadband and a lot of web hosting, or as we used to call it Computer Kindergarten.