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quick facts

  • Name: Stefan Nyström
  • Height: 180 cm / 6'
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Age: 49
  • Born on: 1973-06-28
  • Born in: Slottstaden parish, Malmö
  • Living in: Lund, Skåne, Sweden
  • Concieved in: Lund (room 213, Malmö Nation)
  • Hair: Medium Blonde (According to my passport)
  • Eyes: Blue



After finishing three years of upper secondary technical school in Malmö, I began studying Electrical Engineering at the Lund Institude of Technology. In those days of the the dot-com bubble anyone who could spell In-tur-net was recuited on the spot so I didn't quite get around to finishing my exam. I am still waiting for the right opportunity to write my final paper, but to be honest it may take a while to get around to it...

Instead I focused on my other great interest: languages. This hade the side benefit of being compatible with working full time. I studied some rhetoric, and some Danish, and finally I finished a bachelor’s degree in English. Not bad for an electrical engineering major, you might think... My final paper was entitled Spoken Language Features in Internet Discussion Groups.

While studying I was also involved in the student union: among other things I was a member of the electrical engineering student organization's board. I also had a big hand in introducing and maintaining a web site for the electrical engineering student organization way back when the Internet was new and exciting. I was also a member of the Lund comittee of IAESTE, receiving foreign students coming to Lund for trainee programs.



I am currently employed as a system administrator at Axis Communications AB (AXIS), the world’s leading expert in network video. It's an exciting place to work - fairly small, growing rapidly, with a global outlook yet with strong roots in my home town Lund where it was founded. The sun never sets on Axis!

In an earlier life I worked at TDC Song, Song Networks or Arrowhead depending on when you asked. Different names but still the same company. There I did a little broadband and a lot of web hosting, or as we used to call it Computer Kindergarten.

Before that I experienced the dot com-bubble first hand as a developer and system administrator at Netch Technologies. Fortunately I was sold before the crash. We helped companies like Carlsberg, NK and Bokus take their first beby steps on the Internet.

Earlier still, I started an ISP from scratch at Kajplats 205. In those days 2p a minute for dialup Internet was considered cheap. That was when I wrote the first web chat in Sweden (we're talking mid nineties, here, before Java or Flash) innovatively christened WebCHAT, which grew into what you would today call a thriving community.

Still, still earlier, I shared a blissful ignorance of the Internet with most of the world. This didn’t stop me from being online since I helped the admin of Dennis BBS with graphical design and other things. My Fidonet address was 2:200/113.1. This was a very long time ago.


I am a member of two choirs: Lunds Akademiska Kör where I sing and where I am the current President. Gudrunkören, a student choir where I am one of two conductors. I have a soft spot for LTH-kören, where I first started singing in a choir.

I am a voracious reader and I listen to music constantly so the books and artists I like are probably to numerous to mention, but the links page tries to anyway.

When I have nothing better to do I like to go running. Few things feel as good as pushing yourself in the track.

Best races:
10 KVP-milen 200848:25
Half marathonVeberödsrundan 20081:54:18
Lidinglöloppet 30K20083:08:55

2010 results:
10 KAkademilen49:48
Half MarathonÖresundsbroloppet1:59:36

2011 so far: injured. This must change.


Not to say that the Internet isn't the ultimate answer to any question you might ask, but obviously a simple home page can't tell the whole story. I used to have a long list of all kinds if email addresses you could use to contact me, but they all end up in the same mailbox anyway, so I'll just tell you the one that matters: If you want to get in touch (please do!) mail me at epost.

That's all, folks!

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